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Wellbeing for everyone

At MyCorporateWellness we offer a unique wellness approach to your employees at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house corporate wellness officer.

After all who is responsible for the wellness of your wellness officer?


Increase Productivity

Our core belief is that corporate wellness need not be exclusive to mega rich corporations.
Corporate wellness should be accessible to all employees and all companies big or small.

Our goals are simple, we want to increase your employees productivity, reduce your employee
absenteeism rates and get you listed on the top 100 companies to work for.


What makes My Corporate Wellness so unique?

We are a team of highly qualified, well regarded and experienced professionals within each of our fields.

We take responsibility for each department in-house. This enables us to pivot quickly and respond to each companies need.

We don’t just read from textbooks, we’ve been making a difference in health for a combined amount of 15 years.

From our qualified Health and Wellbeing Officer who is dedicated to your account personally, to our very own non diagnostic Clinical Wellbeing Officer who is fully qualified to advise on diet and lifestyle modifications.

But wait there is more…. let us not forget our Functional Movement Officer who strengthens both the body and mind.

By helping address BOTH your employees diet, exercise and wellbeing, you will be well on your way to help prevent serious disease within your workforce, improve your employee mental health status, increase productivity and reduce absenteeism

Need more convincing? Try our score app today.

Why use our score app?

By using our quick and easy to use in-house score app, MyCorporateWellness are able to identify both strengths and weaknesses within your corporate organization and offer you immediate analysis and costed wellness solutions. Saving you time and money.

Why invest in Corporate wellness?

We often see fast growing and ambitious business’s struggling with employee motivation and burnout.

top goal of wellness benefits

For 25% of employers, the top goal of wellness benefits is increased productivity.

(Aflac, 2018)

Companies with highly successful health and productivity initiatives generate 11% more revenue per employee, 1.8 fewer days absent per employee per year, and 28% higher shareholder returns.

(, 2020)

It is a common mistaken belief that these incentives are costly and do not pay the company back in dividends.

What’s the process?

MyCorporateWellness can offer you individual or group packages of:

Company Wellbeing


Company Wellbeing Analysis

Company wide analysis on wellbeing.

Personal Account Management


Personal Account Management

We evaluate and sign post all employees on options.

Targeted Physical Interventions


Targeted Physical Interventions

Targeted physical interventions that your employees can take advantage of without the added cost of a gym membership by using either our online movement programme which is perfect for work from home or within our central London gym locations.

Highly Experienced Nutritionist


Highly Experienced Nutritionist

Highly experienced, qualified and insured nutritionists that produce bespoke and scientifically backed reports and plans. We are virtual so we cater to work from home or office based employees. Missed an appointment? You haven’t missed an wellbeing opportunity - Let us send you a personal recording of the missed session.

Company Health


Company Health Newsletters

Company wide public health newsletters, incorporating disease prevention, recipes and lifestyle suggestions.

Health Related


Health Related Webinars

Nutrition webinars on any health related topic you require.

Testing and
Supplement Plans


Testing and Supplement Plans

A wide range discounted functional testing and supplement plans.

Targeted Employee


Targeted Employee Coaching

High level employee coaching targeted at specific areas of the business.

Events and


Events and workshops

Workshops, retreats, events and unique experiences.

Alternative Health


Alternative Health Practices

Access to our “black book” of tried and tested alternative health practices such as hypnotherapy and yoga.
Start your corporate
wellbeing journey today.

If you are more inclined to speak to us directly, reach out to our Health and Wellbeing Officer Kirsty at who will connect with you to finesse / flesh out your exact requirements or needs.

If you are more inclined to tech – you can complete the score app

Our Team




I have extensive experience working within many fast paced settings such as Investment Management, family offices, small start ups and large corporate banking organisations.

I am able to understand both the culture and nature in which employees are working and the health challenges that that might bring - Poor diets from lack of time and poor food choices to lack of sleep due to performance anxiety, as a fully qualified nutritional therapist I am able to see the coin from both sides (employee and employer) and establish a plan of action that is both pragmatic and easily actionable.

Here is one example of how we understand those challenges.

From time to time important meetings get booked into the diary and appointments get missed, If you miss your appointment with us due to a double booking, you wont miss your wellness opportunity with us, in fact My corporate wellness offers a smart bridging g tool till your next appointment - we can send a short personal recorded session so you are able to continue on your wellness journey.

Here is a little bit more about our wellbeing officer…

I am a competent registered Nutritional Therapist with both the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CHNC), and the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT). I studied nutrition with the UK’s number one training provider for naturopathic nutrition, The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London (CNM) whereupon I studied biomedicine, in-depth practice-oriented nutrition and many hours on clinical training.

I have a real keen interest for all things gut related, my passion for the human gut microbiome exploded after gaining real results with my clients suffering from depression, anxiety, digestive complaints and thyroid conditions. Scientific research on the human gut microbiome continues to guide me in my consultation and dietary approach with my clients. Within our consultations together we will explore past and present health, what might have triggered a health condition and what continues to mediate it.

In 2023, I was proud to receive my SIBO Doctor certification and registration on the practitioners portal which allows us to practise new and exciting avenues of gut health.

I like to explore root causes and leave no stone unturned, guiding you to make smart diet and lifestyle choices to bring you back to optimal health.




What do I bring to the table as your non diagnostic Clinical Health and Wellbeing Officer?

I am able to direct your employees on the right path with their diet and lifestyle, I have extensive experience working within nutrition focusing on both sleep and stress, further I am clinically trained to advise on menopause and pre and post pregnancy which enables me to help support your female workforce better.

Take a look at my experience.

I am a highly experienced Nutritionist and Clinician who has a Batchelor's in Nutrition (BSc), a Masters (MSc) in Clinical and Public Health Nutrition, a Masters equivalent (MSc) in Health and Wellbeing Physiology and a Diploma in Naturopathy.

My main role is to advise on foods and healthy eating which aid health. I have met strict standards of professional education in nutrition which are accredited by the Association for Nutrition (AfN) and the Complementary Medical Association (SCMA). I am also registered on the Associate British Dietetics Society (BDA) and Royal Society of Public Health (mRPSH).

In my Clinical studies and my many years as a Clinical Health and Wellbeing Physiologist in private healthcare working alongside doctors, I focussed on my cardiology training, taking ECGs, lung function, bioimpedance measurements, phlebotomy daily as well as advising on blood results once confirmed by the doctor. I gained a Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Physiology (equivalent to a Masters (MSc)) based around health, wellbeing and the pathophysiology of lifestyle disease, lifestyle interventions and behaviour change and clinical skills and assessments. Therefore, I am also a Non Diagnostic Clinician who can advise on foods that may aid your health such as diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid, gout, menopause and weight loss. I work with clients across a diverse range of health as a private health consultant.

In 2022, I completed a Diploma in Naturopathy to improve my knowledge on holistic, multidisciplinary approach to health, founded in the principle that nature can help us heal. In 2023, I was proud to receive my SIBO Doctor certification and registration on the practitioners portal which allows us to practice new and exciting avenues of gut health. Further, an additional certification from the Food Standard's Agency on Food Allergies and Intolerances.

Myles Ellis



I am a level 3 qualified personal trainer, functional range instructor and lifestyle coach. My enthusiasm for fitness and its positive benefits on physical and mental wellbeing are at the forefront of why I am a corporate wellness Personal trainer.


We are a corporate wellness personal training team, that has been working with businesses to provide classes and Personal training programs for their employees for over 3 years in London. The ethos behind is to provide a bespoke service to every client and company we work with. To give employees the tools and knowledge to help them with their own fitness goals. Our trainers strongly believe that fitness is a lifestyle, not a short-term fix.

We have worked with companies to bring a fun and inclusive environment for their employees to take part in the classes we offer. This ranges from, strength, HIIT, Boxing, Yoga and more. Fitness is all about community and bringing people together.

Here are what some companies have had to say about the impact of classes:

‘Plaid have been working with ME.PT since September 2020, to provide our corporate classes. Trainer Myles has a fun, professional demeanor and has been my team's biggest cheerleader as we meet every Tuesday morning. Our sessions with Myles have provided a tight-knit bond between cross-functional partners and has provided a level of support that we have been missing since WFH. The team reports higher levels of satisfaction with themselves, their work, and their ability to connect with each other. Meeting him is always the best part of our week’. – PLAID

‘Our engagement with started 4 years ago and it’s been running strong ever since, even throughout the pandemic times in a virtual format. Keeping our classes up through that period is probably our greatest success and testament to trainer Myles’ ability to build bespoke programs and really understand the needs of each employee throughout their fitness growth. This is what makes him so special and hard to let go! The reason why we started investing in this as a company is our people wellbeing: both mental and physical health are important, as well as the ability to go beyond the fitness and bond as a team when working out together’. – Eradigm

Book Consultation
60 Minutes Consultation
60 Minutes Consultation

Book your Nutritionist online with a 1 hour initial consultation using our automated booking system.



A detailed, personal report will be sent via email within 3 working days.

30 Minutes Consultation
30 Minutes Consultation

Implement your personalised nutrition plan and book your 30 minute follow up session with the Nutritionist online.


Corporate Nutrition Packages

To purchase one of our corporate packages select a package below and email:

Getting started


Getting started

2 PT sessions per month - £96 / 1 nutrition consultation (1hr) (£85)

Make a change


Make a change

4 PT sessions per month (1 every week) £192 / 1 nutrition consultation (1hr) (£85) / 1 30 minute follow up Nutrition session (£50)

Nutrition talks and Corporate classes Package 1


Nutrition talks and Corporate classes Package 1

1 x 1 hour Nutrition talk / 2 x Corporate fitness class

Nutrition talks and Corporate classes Package 2


Nutrition talks and Corporate classes Package 2

2 x 1 hour Nutrition talk 4 x Corporate fitness class

Nutrition talks or webinars


Nutrition talks or webinars

Nutrition talks or webinars 1.5hr


Nutrition talks or webinars 1.5hr

Nutrition talks or webinars 2hr


Nutrition talks or webinars 2hr

Nutrition specialist to speak to your staff per 1hr


Nutrition specialist to speak to your staff per 1hr

Cancellation Policy

Your appointments are very important to the MyCorporateWellness team. Whilst we understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary, we respectfully request 48 hours notice for cancellations.

In the event of a ’no show” or a cancellation less than 48 hours prior to your appointment, we reserve the right to retain your full payment.

These cancellation fees will still apply if you have booked a last minute appointment.

In the rare instance that the MyCorporateWellness team are unable to honour your appointment, we will either rebook your slot at the earliest convenience to you, or offer you a full refund.

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